August 23rd, 2001

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i'm grumpy, and tired, and sick of data entry. however, i'm getting rescued soon, which i expect to be a cure for all of that. =]

in other news, you'll all be happy, i'm breathing some easier today. i'm starting to think it was just stress after all. not that i'm not still stressed, but it's getting better. i'm still going to go see someone, as soon as i know what work for next week looks like. the one clinic that prolly is best for me to go to is open 8 to 4:30 monday to friday, except tuesday nights. go fig.

speaking of which, Ginger dear, what is the phone number for the sane Adecco office? =]

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i'm a happy joyce. i'm not nearly as grumpy as i was, and the sarcastic angel has (temporarily) hopped off my right shoulder to take a nap. thank you and you and you.
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