August 18th, 2001

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so, we got aced out of the place we wanted, due to the building manager dudsie deciding that i needed a cosigner. gods. i felt rediculous having to call and ask my folks for that, all things considered... anyhow, they didn't mind, but by the time it was said and done, someone else had come in and put money down on the place. note to self, call centura back monday and find out what the hell a year old collections notice is doing on my damn credit record.

heh. that was it. a year old collections notice for a couple bounced checks, a bit of a leftover dentists bill from this spring that i'd forgotten about (insurance didn't pay it all like they were supposed to, the dentist office called me, i forgot about it, and i've moved so much in the last year that it never caught up with me, so i had no idea it'd gone to collections and got blindsided last night.) and a parking ticket from when i was at state (over two years old) that i'd also forgotten about that got sent to collections but got paid months ago. gah.

bah. anyhow. so, we went and looked at another place today, and put in apps. this guy didn't want app fees, which was nice (actually, we didn't pay any at the other place, either, also lucky) and when i told him about the stuff he might find running a credit check on me, he shrugged and said "well, it's not like i'm trying to sell ya the place." so we'll see. i'm not bothering to get my hopes up.

it was an all right day. thanks to a broken computer system, i got most of the day off and got my four hour minimum paid out, which puts me at 36.5 hours for the week, so it's all good. my direct deposit kicked in, so i made my car payment. we picked up ginger and did some house hunting. we got chris to come over and did french toast for dinner (i'll be sooo happy when we have a real kitchen) and played games and went to The Mix and went out to Mercer for a bit.

i've been short of breath and my chest has been tight all week. it's starting to piss me off, but it seems to be finally manifesting itself into a cold. which means i'm tired and feel like ass, so i'm headed to bed, even though i really want to stay up and listen to the Lighthouse cd that Ginger loaned me. wow. it's beautiful...
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... heh. nighthawk and petfish keep commenting on the interesting things that they keep hearing out of me and Ginger.

guys, you haven't really heard the half of it. be afraid.

though i really wish i'd had a camera the other night at red robin. and ginger, post what i said to make you snarf your drink and i'll kick your ass. =]
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some randomness:

i had a friend who didn't at times much like the people she was living with, but didn't want to move in alone either, because she didn't want to live alone. i didn't understand at the time, but now that i'm looking at good roommates - ones i can plot with and cook for and that will help me sew and that i actually want to be friends with - for the first time in awhile (Dan and Catherine were wonderful roommates, but then living in the LBTI scared me off from living with people) i understand. the human need for companionship, even for someone as introverted as me, is a powerful thing.


randomly flirting with everything under the sun is rapidly losing its appeal. selectively flrting with people that i know, when everyone knows it's just a game, is still fun, for the most part. there's a lot of things i used to do that hold no appeal anymore. they were fun, they make good stories, i might consider some of it again under selected circumstances, but a lot of it feels like it belongs to another person.


i'm having to mightily restrain the desire to go be a sarcastic bitch to someone. let it go, right? i'm working on it. some scars take awhile to fix, however.

luckily, he's patient...


i have a new project to work on. as if i need something else to mess with right now. it'll be fun, though.


i still feel like crap. i'm debating going back to bed. i prolly won't though.


... cuz i am hanging on every word you say
and even if you don't want to speak tonight
hat's alright, alirght with me
'cause i want nothing more than to sit
outside heaven's door and listen to you breathing
is where i want to be

i really like this song.
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i just got to talk to Ari, which means that poor Alison is getting to listen to a happy, babbly joyce. =]

anyhow, i need to throw my sandwich in my tummy and get moving... i think i'm coming out to redmond first, then mercer, then on the way home we'll prolly do redmond first then mercer so ginger can molest the cats. =] just to let y'all know...

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so. drove out to redmond, then THoC, then downtown, saw Original Sin, then reversed. 80 miles total, and i didn't mind a bit. like i keep saying, i love driving, hate traffic. i almost miss when i lived 45 miles from work in cali. lots of time to think, turn my music as loud as i wanted, and sing along.

the movie was pretty good. a little slow, but you know, there were qualities that made up for that. =] there was a few audible gasps of happiness from me and Ginger and Anjela during the sex scene from hell. one of the best i've seen outside of porn. oh, my, word.

i like knowing so many other bi chicks up here. makes it a lot easier to drool audibly, not that i wouldn't anyhow.

(amusing side story about that - the only two members of my family i'm out to are my two older male cousins. one was in town a couple weeks ago and took me and Ari to lunch. i made some comment about Anjelina Jolie being hot. i reckon my cousin is still adjusting to things, because my comment threw him for a loop... he didn't mind - he thought it was nifty that i was drooling over women - he's just really not used to it.)

anyhow, by the time we got back to THoC, i was tired and feeling ass-like again, so i ran anjela home. she gave me some benedryl to take, so i'm going to go eat, take drugs, and pass out, in that order.

oh, and she described her allergy symptoms for me. dammit, i will be pissed beyond belief if i'm coming down with allergies.