August 14th, 2001


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heh. i lived in cali for too long. i was expecting the 5 to be bumper to bumper happiness this morning coming home. nope. =] which means that i had time to come home, make lunch, and get my LJ fix.

made Ari watch "The Tao of Steve" last night. and had some good Thai food. life's good.

i get to get offa work early this afternoon, so i need to remember to go by the U employment office and update my contact info. need real job...

we went and looked at a house last night. the lady scheduled 3 different groups to look at the place at the same time. annoying, but it turned out to be better, because we realized there was no way in hell we were going to get it - some chick was waving six months' rent, prepaid, in the landlady's face. back to the drawing board...

and i need to get to work.
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hey, pyran, where's that apartment info you promised me and Alison and Ginger? =]

work was boring. i finished a book, though. it's a lot less annoying when i know i'm getting out of there soon.

note to self, call manpower, harrass them, make sure i'm going to have work once they spring me out of this job or find out if i need to be looking for another crap job.

i was going to go to the U employment office today and turn in an updated resume. printed out one at work, but the printer was fucking up. tried to go to the library and print one out, but the system that the library uses to log folks in to use the 'net was down. said fuckit and came home. note to self, borrow the boss's good printer tommorow, print out a damn resume, and get it to the U employment office thursday, when i should be off early again. for now i'm settling on sending out some more online. and i need a nap before fight practice, lest i fall over.

whee. =)

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happiness is logging into my bank's web site and seeing the checks i put in the bank yesterday as showing up already. woot.

further happiness is realizing that i underestimated and have more money than i expected to. double woot. =]
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practice was good. i seem to be improving, at least a bit, and i got to hit real live (shield protected) human targets, hard, which felt good. my stomach settled down to the point that i had some cereal when i got home without feeling like it was going to come back up. so all is decent. =]