August 12th, 2001

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well, we went and did a drive-by on a house. it's tiny. the third bedroom is a teeny-tiny room straight off the living room. however, it's a house, the rent and the deposit are both reasonable, it has a good back yard, and it's a month to month lease, so it's not like we'd be locked in. and she really wants someone in there, so maybe she'll be flexible with us.

so, we'll see.

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i am amused beyond belief at a lot of things right now. =]

anyhow, thanks to lycantras for feeding us dinner tonight. twas yummy, as per normal.

i got to talk to Ari for awhile tonight. i'm a happy, lucky girl.

anyhow, tommorow is going to be a hella busy day, so i should go curl up and get some sleep.
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