August 6th, 2001

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annoyed, tired, and generally trying not to snarl at things.

we now return you to your regularly schedule livejournal.

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hehe, we get to go attack the apartment of doom tommorow night. this should be highly entertaining. =]

i'm in a better mood than a bit ago. still tired and bleh and stuff, but food helped some.
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and, like the sheepie, i've been having issues with my hair lately. it's almost long enough to do Stuff with again, which is cool. however, it's not quite there yet, and thus, is at that annoying stage where it's long enough that i end up putting it up most of the time, and short enough that it requires a zillion barretts to do so and be neat about it.

but dang it, i've spent over a year growing it out. but what's the point in growing it out if i have it up all the time?

this chick at work has the ultracute short spiky, but not violently so, hair. it was awful tempting today.

it needs a trim, reguardless.

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wow. i found a job ad in the seattle times that mentions the word linux. word.

i'm going to go fall over. after sending them a resume, of course. =]