August 5th, 2001

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nice day, exceedingly nice. the cousin liked Ari, Ari liked the cousin. there was good food for lunch, and seeing the aircraft carrier my cousin lives on, and we have alcohol now (the cousin couldn't take it back to the ship). i did in fact end up wearing the little black dress, and it seemed to be liked (note, dress like a girl more often =]). and pizza and games later. life is good.

there was one annoying bit to the day, and the city of Seattle is currently on my shit list, but that's ok.

meantime, i'm rambling and tired and thinking too much again, so i'm going to listen to some more counting crows and put the flannel sheets on the bed, because with the window open it's chilly enough that i can, and get some sleep...
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    Rain King - counting crows