August 4th, 2001

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mmm, i got sleep last night, and a lot of it. i feel nearly human again. =]

i was a good little geek girl last night and got internal networking and logjam both working (thanks to Logan and Tobey) and then crashed. i need to call my cousin here soon and figure out what the plans for lunch are, then call Ari and relay said plans, then determine if i have clean clothes i feel like wearing in public... i might resort to the little flowered black dress (one of those knit wonders from wal-mart that was like, $15 in the first place, doesn't wrinkle, is five years old, and is way too comfy. i just wish it were longer.)

my hair smells like a rather odd combination of coconut (shampoo) and kiwi (conditioner). um, yea. no doing that again anytime soon...
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