July 29th, 2001

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woot. i have clean clothes again. well, some. enough. i scrounged up enough quarters out of my change collection to do a load; need to go get more and finish up the laundry at some point.

i need a haircut, soon. it looks decent if i take the time to blow dry it, but it's still all uneven and stuff.

hrm. it's 10 of 12. i should hurry up and get some clothes on...

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today was a good day. went and ate lunch with Ari and his friend Dave that's in town. the food was good (dim sum, which i'd never had before) and the company was fun. seeing your friends with people they've known a long time is always interesting. good interesting, usually, especially in this case. =]

i'm happy. life's good. i'm feeling a lot less stressed than i have been; here's hoping it stays that way.

went to the mix after, then came home, poked at jobs, then walked to the library, which turned into a long assed walk all over campus. felt good, i need to be doing more of that.

tired joyce, now, and i need to be up early in the morning. going to make a couple phone calls and then get some sleep.
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i'm trying to price auto insurance. state farm's site says that it can't give me an online quote and to call an agent, and nationwide's site crashes netscape. i think i give up for the night.

i'm also now awake, when i really need to be even more tired than i was earlier...
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i have rediscovered an ability to make my roommate squeal and giggle, a lot. this is both terribly amusing and comforting.

i'm also trying to sell her on the joyce.view of relationships, which doesn't seem to be working.

*dodges flying objects from the living room*

me thinks everything just might end up fine, after all.

oh, i suggested back to back showings of "The Princess Bride" and "Chasing Amy" to C1 this weekend. the idea seemed to hurt a bit. =] would anyone be up for such sometime soon?

oh, and before i forget, again, happy birthday C2.

last post, i swear, because *looks at clock* shoot, i need to be in bed.
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