July 23rd, 2001

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so yea, i'm up and awake and moving... freshly showered, feeling much better (was way too tired last night to do more than rinse off) and enjoying my last little bit of real time alone for a week. attempting to relax, because it won't do the sisters any good if i'm a big ball of stress, eh?

need to find my floor, call orbitz, get dressed, and go... whee.
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ok, question for anyone who's been in seattle awhile...

we witnessed the most random event i think i've ever seen, on university avenue. they were running a parade of some variety... complete with everything from a boys and girls club dancing to the electric slide, to pirates riding a fire engine, to a motorcycle club, to a tow company driving a big pink tow trunk with a foot on top of it.

... um, is this a normal thing or something?