July 20th, 2001

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home early... been sick to my stomach and dizzy all day, and finally decided about 1:30 that feeling like i was going to fall over every time i turned between an invoice and the computer was not a good thing.

elevators when you are feeling sick are not a good choice.

went into manpower, turned in my timecard.

think i'm going to go curl up for a bit.

(no subject)

took a nap. feeling some better. might investigate food soon. must get body back under my control here very shortly, because coronation is on for the weekend, bounce bounce happiness. =]

which means that i should start throwing my stuff together here very very shortly.

Allison, Ari, and i will be out of radio contact til some undertermined time Sunday evening. y'all don't blow up Seattle in the meantime, you hear? =]