July 19th, 2001

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so, yes, thanks to the goodness that is Ari, and more specifically, his truck, i have a bed again. woot. maybe this means i'll go back to my normal waking up once a night instead of five.

one more day of data entry. one more day of feeling my brains turn to ooze.

good thing i have to run my timesheet into manpower tommorow, because i want to know where the fuck my paycheck from last week is.

the event this weekend might not happen. we'll know about five thirty tommorow. which means that i still need to clean tonight in case it does happen, so that my sisters will be able to walk into my room. bleh. don't want to clean. want to eat dinner, shower, and sleep. all of which need to happen as well.

they get here monday. i'm alternating between bouncy and fear.

i have some sorting out i need to do, at some point. goddess only knows when i'm going to have time to think about it, though.

actually, no, i say that, but then again, i don't know that there is that much sorting out to do. maybe i just think there should be.

don't mind me.

Allison is cackling madly from the living room. that i know i fear. *ducks* =]

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last thing, and then i'm working on cleaning and sleep...

Jillie, i started on part I of the list tonight. you made me realize that if something were to happen to me out here, no one would would have an effing clue of how to get hold of my folks. there's now a list with their phone numbers, allergies, etc on the wall for me and the roommate, both.