July 15th, 2001

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reaiized this morning that there is more coffee than food in the apartment. (well, ok, counting the leftovers from last night, they might be even.) there is going to be grocery shopping this evening...

Anjela, i just found a PZ strip that perfectly describes one of the feelings of displacement i've been feeling since i moved here. *giggles* you rock.

back to absorbing caffiene...
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heh. i love the feeling of things coming together, and that everything's going to work out.

meantime, however, i need to go for a walk, get some fresh air, do some thinking, all that jazz.
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random notes:

- my walk in the rain earlier tonight was nice. hopefully the weather will cooperate and let me do more of that.
- my hair is still damp. it's probably going to be poofy in the morning. i'm too tired to care enough to go take a hair dryer to it.
- it looks like Ground Zero is going to happen. this'll be fun...
- it looks looks like i get to go run around in garb all weekend. that should be fun as well.
-as a corollary to that, faecat has offered to help me sew garb of my own when she gets here. she rules.
- i need to remember to call Orbitz tommorow, raise hell, get them to call FedEx, raise hell, and find out how FedEx managed to apparently get lost on the way to my parents' house. Whitsett is really not that hard to find. if my sisters' tickets ended up getting sent to Cali (further note to self, changing address on bank account) i'm going to be pissed.
- i need to remember to get a bag for my discman if i'm going to be hauling it around; i don't like just throwing it in my bookbag.
- hopefully i won't forget the lunch i just packed in the morning.
- i have to be up and awake in six hours, so... *poof*