July 14th, 2001

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Chas got here safely, about 11:30. hung out, chattered with him and Allison for a bit, and then we all fell over about 12:30.

not sure what's up for today. i'm thinking about Pike Place market as a starting point, unless we think of something better.
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(no subject)

had Thaiger-Room for dinner. my body is purring and happy and full now.

the EMP was very cool. i'll be going back eventually. it was so much information to take in at one time... wow.

Allison's playing playstation, Chas is watching, there's good music going (living with Allison is worth it if nothing else for her mp3 collection (*ducks impending flying objects from the next room*)). i'm reading Planet Zarquon archives and being terribly amused.

life's good.