July 13th, 2001


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eight hours of typing in invoices today, on top of not nearly enough sleep last night and a really really bad nightmare, was, um, interesting. however, the unending supply of coffee and goodies to put in it helped a lot, as did my crackmonkey supervisor (who was scowling into his coffee as much as i wanted to this morning, though by great force of effort i didn't, and who was mainly concerned with whether he could get Tool tickets *laugh*). i'll be taking the discman into work monday. oh, and it turns out i can wear jeans, yay...

got a nice long shower, so now i'm feeling much more towards something that is approaching human. the apartment is fairly clean - i should straighten up my room a bit more - and i get to go eat dinner soon, and Chas'll be here all weekend, and it's weekend, and i have two days off, and i get to go to work monday - it feels damned good to be able to say that and damned if life isn't pretty good right now.
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    um, straylight radio... no earthly idea what this song is...