July 12th, 2001

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fighter practice last night kicked ass, by the way. good exercise... my knees were definitely registering complaints today, but they'll fucking deal. my right arm is still pretty sore, too. i'm looking forward to next week immensely.

saw Final Fantasy tonight. (yes, Daniel, you can commence the mocking now. =]) it was very pretty... pretty enough to make up for the fact that what plot there was didn't make much sense. of course, if i'd ever have played the game, that might have helped.

finally met Grant and Angela. they seem to be very cool.

i have stuff i have to get done tommorow. laundry and finding some sort of bed are high on the list... need to get batteries for my cd player, too, in hopes that i'll be able to listen to music at work on friday if i take headphones.

sleep, very soon.
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i think at&t has been upgraded to the anti-christ. =]

waiting for laundry to get done, so that i can get dressed and go futon hunting. i'm not going further than the laundry room dressed like this (flannel shirt and flannel boxers that don't match).

lycantras, you coming to Gameworks tonight? 1511 7th Ave. (corner of 7th and Pike), downtown. ladies play free from 8 to midnight, and apparently there's cheap parking ($2 for under four hours) across the street from it.

flumoox, you still coming up this weekend? and assuming so, when, so i can make sure that i'm here.

more rambling...

i need to fix my sleep schedule again. six a.m. tommorow is going to hurt.

ended up passing out and taking a nap just a bit earlier. didn't sleep well last night - forgot to turn the monitor off, and the screensaver woke me up a few times before i finally got up and did something about it. add in my normal tossing and turning, and that damned sun at 5-something this morning... i can usually sleep through pretty much anything (living in dorms, tornados, other miscellaneous stuff), so i'm not sure why it's been a problem lately.

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found a store in capitol hill with full sets (mattress and boxsprings) starting at $56. anyone got a vehicle that would hold a full boxsprings that could be bribed [1] into running me out there sometime soon? they're open 10-6, M-Sa.

1. bribery - alcohol, dinner (out or cooked), baked goods, etc