July 9th, 2001

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ok. resume and phone interview I done with Diverse, and appointment made with Manpower. at some point today i should walk across to kinko's and print out a copy of my resume for manpower.

i hate waiting. merph.
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mmm, linux. mogwai just got a lot happier.

(no, that's not meant to be microsoft bashing. my windows partition is in sore need of a reinstall.)

of course, the linux partition is pretty neglected too. urf. i need to install helix, but i don't want to think about slurping that down over the modem right now.

figured out why i couldn't dial in in linux. earthlink changed to using email addresses instead of usernames to log in, and i just hadn't noticed, dialing in in windows, since i installed earthlink's software. whee.

so... next project, figure out how to make mogwai route for straylight, which is something i've never done. oh, and does anyone have a crossover cable or hub we can borrow? =]
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mmm. nachoes for dinner.

stupid joyce tricks... Chris, did i leave that damn cable in y'all's entry?

saw "Remember the Titans" tonight. good movie. pretty cheesy, but not as cheesy as i expected. it kind of made me homesick. i'm glad i didn't grow up in a South like that, though - we still have our issues, but nothing like that.

worked on job stuff today. dealt with (hopefully) the last piece of crap from my wreck back in February. got my drugs filled, finally. hrm, is this that productivity thing i keep hearing about? ;)