July 8th, 2001

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my apartment is now almost fit for human consumption now. it will be by sometime tommorow, hopefully before noon. nothing like a little incentive, eh? =]

allison is cool. i think this is going to be just fine.

yes, much as i've gone off about not wanting to live with anyone i wasn't dating ever again, i've gone and gained a roommate again, at leaset for a bit. *shrugs* she needs somewhere to stay, once i start working i don't expect to be home all that much, and well... living alone is quieter than i expected. we'll see if one person is easier to deal with living with than 10. (especially 10 who were less than sane.) i suspect it will be.

fight practice tuesday night and gameworks thursday it looks like. meep. this is that life thing people talk about, right? ;)

i have a desk now. nothing like free furniture, either.

i'm tired. i should stop rambling and get some sleep.

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heh. the psyching myself out method of eating (i.e. only stocking healthyish food [except for the ramen. there's no universe in which ramen are healthy]) seems to be working. i'm having fat-free yogurt for the second meal in a row, and now that i'm actually eating it, it tastes good, even if it didn't sound good to begin with.

note to self, get this brand again. it has things in it that i can actually identify as real fruit.

further note to self, you had ice cream twice this past week. try to get that to zero this week and get some more exercise, eh?
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woot. the last box that's getting emptied (some stuff is staying packed) is done. now i've just got to get some miscellany out of the floor...

petfish, how're things looking at the house of insanity?

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hey, Ari, looks like you left a olive green bookbag here. if it's important, feel free to come grab it tonight, i'm sure we'll be up for awhile. apartment 103. there's a buzzer thing down at the stairs.
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heh. i either want coffee or alcohol, but i shouldn't have coffee at this hour and i don't want to walk to the store for the alcohol, so... time to make some tea, i reckon.

got petfishy safely esconed into the living room... she's unpacking now. Ari helped us move stuff, so i finally got to meet him. much giggling from both me and petfish. dinner at ihop, then a run out to thoc to take ginger some stuff, deliver hugs to her, and watching the end of a fucked up movie.

all in all, a good day... =]