July 4th, 2001

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stayed up most of the night watching movies at THoC. haven't done that in awhile... "Bounce", which was good, "Best in Show", which i'd seen before and is pretty funny, "The Edge", which i opted to fall asleep halfway through, and "Save the Last Dance", which i'd been avoiding seeing, because i thought it looked cheesy and dumb, but which turned out to be a lot better than i expected. i could prolly sit through it again. =]

finally went to bed - well, couch =] - about 5:30. the sun was already up. my brain was thinking it was about 8 or so, and then Heather comes downstairs and announces it's 5:30... this is going to take a lot of adjustment.

now we're just hanging out... need to go run errands soon and get food for the barbeque tonight. should be much fun.
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