June 29th, 2001

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last call on cookbooks before i ship the unclaimed ones out to jadestorm.

gravilim, when are you or your representatives coming to fetch book shelves and desk? =] i have dinner plans tonight from 6:30 til sometime. i can be home all day today - have to run to the pharmacy at some point, if the doctor ever calls in my @#$#ing perscription - and i need to make a post office run today or tommorow morning. i'll also be here til prolly 10 or so tommorow morning, no guarantees after that.

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wow. i'm precious close to the point of starting load up the car.

three boxes of books. one box of shippable kitchen gear. one box of miscellany that i would rather not ship. three very small boxes. two crates. TV, vcr, computer. boombox. one plant. one director's chair. cds. lots of bedding and pillows.

not much, when it comes down to it.

i'm looking forward to this. it's going to be a lot of fun. =]

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... of course, if i'm going to start loading the car, that means i have to finish getting dressed. suck. =]
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favor to ask of THoC members:

i'm having to ship some stuff to myself... does anyone mind if i use THoC as the return address? that way, if something happens in getting the stuff to my apartment, it at least gets shipped back to somewhere i can get to it, instead of say, cali.