June 27th, 2001


how the heck does a chick who doesn't wear makeup (with the occasional exception of nail polish) and who doesn't use a whole lot of stuff showering end up with two drawers full of bathroom crap?

three things of sunscreen. more condoms than i'll ever need (thank you, planned parenthood). random bath products that haven't been opened from random family members, who ought to know better by now. =] mascara which i didn't know i owned. meep.

into the trash most all of it all goes... getting rid of the clutter feels very good.
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finally called back the apartment complex i'm going to be living in, to double check the results of my credit check, since they hadn't called me... turns out i passed my credit check just fine (goddess only knows how) so all i have to put down sunday is first and last, not first, last, an extra month, and another deposit, which is what they would have wanted if i hadn't passed a credit check. which frees up a fair amount of cash.

*bounce, bounce*

and the coffee is finally kicking in, too. =]

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i have a bunch of random cookbooks i'm not taking with me. anyone around here interested before i put them on the pile for goodwill? =]

i can post titles if people are.