June 26th, 2001

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heh, changing time zones is fun, really. =] woke up at quarter of seven this morning, despite only getting about six hours of sleep, and couldn't get back to sleep. eh, well. if i need to, i'll take a nap this afternoon.

to do today: walk to library, drop off books (leaving momentarily). go get blood drawn for my thyroid. eat, though that has to wait til after the bloodwork. start sorting out things for goodwill.

rhiannonstone, do you still want those drawers?
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got to the library, turned in my books, and got back. close to an hour and a half walk, round trip, go me. and, it turns out one of the labs i can go to is exactly 0.9 miles from my house. guess i don't have an excuse for not going on another walk...

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much more cheerful than i was earlier... walked myself down to Pizza a Go Go and had a slice of cheese pizza and a salad for dinner, since i have no food in the house. $4.75, for pizza and a salad and bottled water. not bad. not much more than i would have spent at the grocery store, considering i'm not going to buy real groceries, since i'm leaving soon...

so now i'm doing some laundry and hassling jadestorm on aim and just relaxing. tommorow, i have to start packing. must make self pack, dammit. =)