June 25th, 2001

random stuff...

i had my first soda - save a couple ounces in random mixed drinks, and a swallow here and there - in about five months today. we had been wandering town for awhile, i was very badly dehydrated - my own stupid fault - and was getting bitchy and teary. yay, fun. i needed sugar and needed liquid before i took someone's head off, so i had most of a huge diet coke. it had the immediate desired effects, so it was a good thing, but bleh. now i remember why i stopped drinking the stuff. my stomach was wigging out on me for awhile, and i really didn't like the taste of it at all. won't be doing that again for at least a few more months...

you'd think i'd know better than to read a thread about ghosts online shortly before i'm headed to bed, knowing how much nighttime tends to freak me out on its own. i'm fine if i have someone else in the room, but if i'm alone (and being the only one awake, with the other folks in a bedroom across the apartment counts as alone) i start imagining things in every closet and checking over my shoulder. and i can't go into a bathroom at night without reaching over to turn on the lights before i enter the room. yes, i read too many ghost stories as a kid. i was one of those silly kids who had to have every bit of their body tucked into the covers when they slept, lest something reach out from under the bed and take off a limb in my sleep. i've gotten better as an adult, but not by much. the office light and the bathroom light will be staying on tonight.

y'all can go ahead and laugh now. =]

y'all are going to laugh item number 2: i've been thinking about getting a tatoo for awhile. i know what and where i want it, but have been putting it off for not wanting to put the money into it and well, being chicken. Catherine and i found ourselves in a costume store this week, that had fake ones for two dollars or so, so i got one and placed it where i would put a real one (left leg, right about the ankle) to make sure that i didn't absolutely hate the idea of having something on my skin like that after all. i don't. in fact, i rather like it. i know a couple day test isn't the same thing as forever, but it's something to think about once i'm back in the land of the employed and have money for stuff like that.

heh. can't wait to see what my mother has to say about that one, if i go through with it. someone remind me to pack a lot of socks when i go home for christmas, and to wear them... =]

i go back to cali tommorow, to pack up. whee. i've had an awesome time in boston - i really missed Dan and Catherine.

we tried to see "The Fast and the Furious" today. we failed, due to completely getting mixed up on what times it was showing.

hrm. 12:30. i prolly ought to get to bed soon.
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i'm all packed up, i think. i'll do one last sweep of the apartment before i leave, just to make sure i'm not missing something important.

i have a couple hours to kill before i need to take the T into town to meet up with Dan so he can take me to the airport, so i think i'm going to go play video games. and eat some more. i've been dizzy all morning, and i'm drinking water and eating some food, hoping it'll fix it. it'd better... =/