June 21st, 2001

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i'm wearing the skirt of doom today, that never fails to make me feel sexy and cute, though the reason for wearing it today is in hope that it'll be cooler than shorts... i'm not holding my breath.

i'd forgotten just how much humidity makes heat unbearable. i've gotten way spoiled, living on the west coast the last couple years. if / when i go back to NC, i'm going to have to stay indoors the first summer...

time for me to get moving. everyone have a lovely day. =]

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oof. tired joyce. happy, but tired.

didn't do much today. met up with Catherine in Chinatown, which turned out to be pretty dinky, compared to San Fran's. we saw a revolutionary war museum, and then we wandered home, only to wander back out to go drinking with Dan and some of his coworkers. much fun. tipsy joyce, at one point. tonight's lesson - if you're going to start on an empty stomach, don't wear heels. =]