June 20th, 2001

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today i'm actually pulling out the guidebooks and attempting to be organized about my day... what a novel concept, right? =]

if i ever make it out of the house, that is. considering i'm still waiting for some clothes to dry...

"you're not from around here" moment this morning...

stopped to ask directions to the T this morning (no, don't ask why i needed directions to somewhere i usually can get to just fine) and the guy at the gas station was like "... now, you'll get to the rotary" - looks over at me skeptically - "and i don't know if you have those in california..." (i'm driving catherine's car, which still has cali plates.)

i assured him that no, there are not rotaries in cali and they scare me, a lot.

maybe you had to be there, but it was pretty funny. i giggled all the way up the road.

i'm convinced that rotaries are massachusett's way of trying to keep out of state drivers off the roads. they're evil.