June 18th, 2001


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kiss, kick, what is difference? i was tired last night. bite me. =] thank you, Jesse. i was half-asleep enough this morning to not completely catch why i was getting picked on...

today: took the T into town, up to the Harvard stop, walked around just to say i had. hopped back on the T, went down to MIT, got a little lost, found campus, again, walked around just to say i had been there. got back on the T, got off at downtown, wandered around for awhile, through some shops and a mall. i was getting ready to get back on the T to head home when i saw signs for the wharf. water equals a magnet for joyce, so i walked on over. found the acquarium, which i might check out this week. sat and stared at the water for a bit, before hiking back to, you guessed it, the T station. =] and now i'm home.

i'm going to be hella sore tommorow. but that's ok, i need it. i haven't been exercising nearly enough lately.
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