June 11th, 2001

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glurf. as Chris said this morning, as i was blearily wandering around the living room, getting my stuff together and folding up my blankets, "good morning, sunshine." i'm not good at mornings, and am feeling really groggy, this one. there will be Starbucks in my future shortly.

a big freaking huge thank you to the residents of thoc for letting me stay here for the last week or so. you guys rock. =]

off to do some apartment hunting and find a jiffy lube, for my car wants an oil change, and then to head south again...

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made it to portland safe and in one piece. i'm at chas's now, headed to cali tommorow.

oh, and in the "i rule" department, i found an apartment today. =] it's small and dinky, but it's fairly cheap, and it's mine, all mine. and it's only a two month lease, so if i end up with a job way far away from it or something, i won't suffer for too long.

i had a good time up in seattle, for the most part. they rock. i'm looking forward to moving, i think. i'm hoping that i get my head on straight about some stuff before i go back, because otherwise it's going to be a big pain in the ass. but i have two weeks, so it's all good... i've gotten over a lot worse.

time to go hang out with Chas and collapse, i'm a tired joyce.
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