June 7th, 2001

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went to go see "A Knight's Tale" again last night. it was as cute the second time around as the first.

note to self, do not sit next to nighthawk in a movie that has snarky comments to make about women ("Women... I don't understand them" "No, but they sure understand us"), for you will get elbowed and giggled at. =]

i still want my own blacksmith chick. =]

then we came home, and i ran off for a bit while the moving of the computer happened (too many people, all of a sudden). then tsara taught us how to play Chez Geek, which is a lot of fun, but i shouldn't try to learn new games at one a.m...

today, i go pick up etherpunk for some errandage and putting in a job app at another temp place, and to start looking at apartments, for as wonderful as thoc and its inhabitants are, i really need to get somewhere to live...
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heh, one of the job ads i was just looking at specifies "the ability to embrace change." somehow, i don't think that's a problem for me...

*sends off resume*