June 6th, 2001

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last night was good. we cooked dinner [lasagne|salad|cheesy toast]. (i'm going to have to teach heather the fine art of cooking for less than twenty.) there was Settlers and Fluxx and Apples to Apples.

i'm content.

i'm poking at the resume some more. need to get it up on dice and brassring, etc. need to start looking at apartments and figuring out where everything is around here. need to figure out when i'm going back down to Cali to pack up.

whee. =]

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heh, MSNIM is being a bitch. glurf.

anyhow, it's off soon with Heather and Adam. going to go by Volt and the university to see about job stuffs.
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productivity abounds...

went by Volt clerical services, have an appointment for Monday. mmm, safety nets. called and emailed Volt technical services. filled out an app at the U of Washington and sent them a resume. sent a resume to excell, and i'll call them in a bit. posted my resume on brassring. go me. hopefully something will turn up soon.

i think that, for the moment, i might have resigned myself to doing tech support again for six months or so while i'm getting used to the area, figuring out what i really want to be doing, and working on getting my ass back into school. i have these lovely bill things, and well, tech support pays better than working at Borders or dominoes, no matter much i might not want to do it.

once we all get jobs, we need to have a party to celebrate or something...

i'm getting mildly grumpyish, not really sure why. think it might be time to go park myself upstairs with a book til thought1 shows up.