May 27th, 2001

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got drug into the city last night, by hap and cbj and emily, to hang out with some random rmta'ers. was much much fun. those of us who are sane got forced into the hello kitty store, eeep. we then walked all through Chinatown, managing to see a parade in the process, before ending up at the House of Nan King, demolishing a ton of Chinese food, then tripped to a bookstore, and finally ended up at the san francisco brewing company. apple cider and red wine, yum.

eventually it got to be time to go get on the bart, so we went back to berkeley. did we go to sleep? no... of course not. =]
rao met up with us, and more drinking ensued. apple cider and raspberry cider, that time. heh. eventually, the bar closed, so we headed out. paul was kind enough to let me crash at his place, since i was in no shape at all to drive...

it was fun. it was nice to get out. the City on a saturday night kicks ass. it was good to meet new people. i got flirted with by this complete cutie... who, of course, lives in New York. go-fucking-figure. =] i flirted back. i talked. it was a nice night.

and now, it's time for a shower, and clean clothes, and food...
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