May 12th, 2001

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Misty was right, Fluxx kicks ass. =) i got trompled at it and Magic, and have a lovely time. i'd forgotten how horrilbe my Magic decks are.

Some random luser boy on icq is trying win me over with lines like "Yur old, eh?" *rolls eyes*


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i walked to the library. a mile and some change each way. damn, it feels good outside today.

i am now the proud possessor of a San Jose public library card. =] and i took a printout of the three lists with me, so i could stop bitching about the fact that i'm underread and start doing something about it instead...

checked out today:

The Call of the Wild, Jack London
Lord of the Flies, William Golding (how did I get through school without reading this?)
Go Tell It on the Mountain, James Baldwin
Gone with the Wind, Margret Mitchell
My Antonia, Willa Cather
A Town Like Alice, Neal Shute

i'm already dreading parts of the lists, like anything by Virgina Woolf. it's a good thing that there's things like King on there, as well, because otherwise i'd tear my hair out...
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btw, anyone who currently emails me at, please use til further notice.

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