May 9th, 2001

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nightmares about a gang of punks wanting to kill me last night, complete with holding guns to my head, then befriending one of the gang and making a deal with him that i wouldn't kill all of them if they taught me how to steal cars. but he wasn't allowed to tell the rest of the gang where i lived, because then they'd come kill me.

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i think i'm deciding this six a.m. stuff isn't quite as bad as i'd thought it would be. it was nice to get off at three yesterday and go work out when the gym was empty.

however, if it were going to be permanent, i'd really have to either start making myself go to bed more than 6 hours before i have to be up again (like i did last night, whoops. not that i slept well when i did go to bed, with the aformentioned nightmares and stuff) or start napping after work, or something...
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i'm rather grumpily drinking slimfast and eating an orange for lunch, and ignoring the barbeque chicken in the cafeteria for lunch. i get Chinese food for dinner, so it's all good.

the lesson today, boys and girls, is that if one notices oneself gaining weight, and one knows that this is ultimately going to bother one very very much, do something about it when one starts gaining the weight, instead of ignoring it and letting it become a much, erhm, larger problem.

this public service announement brought to you by the letters K and Q, the number one, and a very bored joyce. =]
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so. went and worked out - 25 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the exercise bike. then hot tub, then dinner with misty linville. mmm, honey walnut prawns.

i don't have to be at work til eight in the morning, yay.

i really ought to go to bed. i left misty's early because i was falling asleep in their living room. but i'm afraid that if i do, i'll sleep for a couple hours and then toss and turn all night again...

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had an old friend from way, way back randomly pop up on IRC, and then decide to call me. that was nice. (sorry to run off on you like that, Chas. damn one phone line.) that was really nice, actually... Mike is one of those people that it doesn't matter how long i haven't actually talked to him in, we pick up right where we left off, talking a mile a minute, exchanging mad gossip, bitching about our love/relationship lives, etc, and it's like no time has really passed. man, that was nice...

and now, as none of the folks that i'd like to talk to are up and about on irc/icq/msn/whatever, i think it's finally time for bed...