May 1st, 2001

babbling. feel free to skip.

vanilla slimfast is not as yummy as cappucino. vanilla, however, is better the "royale chocolate", which is icky and is probably going to get finished off last.

if you running early, 880 will move faster than normal. if you are running late, you will hit traffic.

quiet days give one too much time to think.

the drive into work is much more pleasent with a Misty to babble at than it is alone.

Chas will be here this weekend, and then i get to go to Seattle two weeks after that. yay!

it's only tuesday. damn.

i still need to figure out what to get my folks for their anniversary, and look up crafts sites and order my mom's mother's day present. i still need to put in the weekly phone call. i'm a slackass daughter sometimes.
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tonight's concoction: banana (yea, i used a whole one again, what am i going to do with half a banana? =) ), chocolate-raspberry frozen yogurt, frozen raspberries. protein powder, milk. mmm. =)