April 28th, 2001

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more nightmares last night, this time about car wrecks and the normal nightmare subject as of late. once again, i was woken up abruptly out of the second one, this time by thinking i felt something touch my leg. last time it was rustling noises across the room. not that i wasn't happy to have that nightmare to come to end, but i swear, my imagination is working overtime lately...

otherwise, i slept well. and lots.

now i need to get some clothes on and get to work. then, depending on when we get off, i'll decide if my saturday night is going to be spending tackling the laundry/other chaos in my room (badly needed, if i'm to avoid a return performance from the mouse) or if i'm going to go looking for trouble... =]
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advantages to working on the weekend, especially after this week: i could probably show up in pajamas and my manager wouldn't say a word. =]

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i am being subjected to a really bad movie about country music by my coworkers. normally the fact that they want to listen to country would warm my heart, but it's a horrible movie. someone want to hop on IRC or ICQ or MSN or something and entertain me, please? ;)

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(discussing the religious and political differences between California, North Carolina, and Utah)

me: it's nice to have co-workers that i can say "damn, drew barrymore is cute" to without getting a Bible thrown at me.

disclaimer time: not that all my coworkers in either state were like that that. working at ITECS, for example, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who knew what a bible was. =) but there were definitely folks like that.

my very very Mormon, but cool and laid back boss: "well, i'm not going to throw a Bible at ya, because i agree, she's cute".

i love california. =)