April 11th, 2001

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oh, by the way, make that the 26th of may, not april. california has some weird laws. one of them is that if you work over 8 hours a day, and you're an hourly employee, you have to get paid overtime, no matter how many hours you work in the week. so if a company wants to work employees on a 4x10 work week instead of 8x5, the company has to have an election of the affected employees to make sure that the employees are willing to work 4 tens and not get paid overtime. you still get overtime for over ten hours, and doubletime for over 12. (which, for someone who regularly worked 12 to 16 hour days in UT, for which you didn't get overtime unless you were over 40 for the week, is just nifty.)

anyhow, the long and short is, you have to announce the election, then hold it two weeks later, then wait thirty days in case someone comes forward and says that they were coerced into voting for 4 tens when they didn't want to work it. then you can implement the "alternative work week" (on which basis i was hired, back in January...)

i find this all rather amusing, and kind of silly. but then again, the laws about making double time over 12 hours are rather nice, so overall it's probably worth a little hassle.

so, i'll be on 5 eight hour days for awhile, though hours are subject to change in a couple weeks when (hopefully, cross your fingers) we actually get a beta customer rolling.

and does anyone really care about all this babbling about hours except for me and possibly my folks, who haven't been pointed at this? =)
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mmm, the book review program that i'm writing is coming along nicely. it's mostly an exercise in reminding myself how to use mysql, and how to use php and mysql together, before i tackle the bigger project, the recipe/shopping list database program that i've been promising Dan forever...

book review program: allows you to enter your login, the title of the book, author, a brief description and asks you for other information. you are allowed to set whether you wish to set the review to be public or private. you'll be able to search all public reviews on title, author, difficulty, genre, etc, as well as all of your own private reviews.

where it's at now: you can add an entry. You can search on title of the book or login and get back information.

PHP frontend, mysql backend. easy stuff, really, but fun. when i have somewhere public to put it up, it'll be put up for public nitpicking... =] (and hopefully use).
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