February 28th, 2001

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why do i get the feeling that this is going to end up being one of those weeks like LWCE, when i was so underslept by the end of the week that i was literally a walking zombie?
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warning, rambling mode is on, i haven't had enough coffee yet today...

so last night was pretty good. misty's right, the party itsself was kind of lame, though it was also cool to at least be out and about. lots of people out. lots of pretty clothes and beads. lots of cute chicks. =]

got off work at five, drove over to va linux and picked up roguemtl. finally got to meet him - it's about damned time. we've only known each other online for what, going on three years now? met him back when stampede was still fun and i first discovered the joys of irc. it seems like a million years ago...

tripped down to mmm carpet, picked up misty. went home, changed, went back out, wandered the party for a bit. ran into some #bay-oh-ers, including Spectre, whom everyone has been telling me for ages that i needed to meet. parted from them, walked over to Gordon Beirsh, put our names on the list. Found misty's friend's Adam. went back to the restuarant. waited, waited... maybe GB last night wasn't such a good idea, but there was going to a long line anywhere. and the food is yummy. =] we finally got in and ate, and then realized that rogue was going to fall over in his food if we didn't get him back to his hotel, so we went and dropped him off, then went back home, where sleep eventually commenced.
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to do:

  • sleep
  • obtain sunglasses
  • obtain cheap sandals
  • obtain misty's birthday present =)
  • pay bills, rent
  • go to the bank, whenever checks get here. (payday, yay!)
  • clean room
  • house chores
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so, my lovely little php problem that i spent way too long beating my head against yesterday? wasn't a php problem after all. httpd needed kicking. and heck, i didn't even figure that out... i finally, in desperation, rebooted the box. httpd didn't restart on boot, so i fixed what was stopping it, and poof, everything worked. go figure.

some days i think i need to go back to flinging pizzas...
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