February 26th, 2001

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weekend. cleaning, sleep. waking up at a decent hour saturday. called home, actually managed to have a decent conversation with my mom. she fussed at me to go to church, but other than that, it was fine. ended up attacking the House kitchen, with the housefather's help. cleaned the fridge, organized the cupboards. went up to el cerrito. catherine had plans, so me and dan ran into the city to pick up his headphones and got some sushi. home, reinstalling mogwai, playing with the AIBO, playing age of empires. catherine kicked my ass. =] slept like the dead. more age of empires, out to the store, home. more age of empires. dan made german chocolate cake from scratch - damned good. wow. brandon came up. made burgers and fries for dinner (dan-burgers, good stuff.) taught brandon how to play spades, which was hilarious... he ended up being decent at it, though, and we won the game, though i'm still not quite sure how. we made ten for two on the next to the last hand, and we still lost a hundred points, because we rolled our sandbags. i can't remember the last time me and my partner managed to take twelve tricks on one hand... going to miss dan and catherine, a lot. stayed in el cerrito last night, because i was way too tired to drive, and the traffic gods decided to smile on me, for the drive in was painless this morning. hour and fifteen minutes, boom.

now i'm drinking earl gray with sugar and half and half, and trying to wake up, and sending off my normal "fuck off til i wake up" monday morning vibes.
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