joyce (joyce) wrote,

We did a mid-week farmer's market run this week: eggs, green peppers, corn, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes. We also did a run this morning: ground beef, pork chops, eggs, cucumbers, grapes, and cherry tomatoes. Val got more potatoes and rib steak. We already have a bunch of stuff in the house, too. We still need lettuce and cheese. So, this week, we could eat:

- enchiladas (tonight!)
- pork shanks in bbq sauce in the crock pot, cheesey biscuits
- biscuits & gravy (Monday)
- salad
- steak & potatoes (Tuesday)
- chickpea patties
- French dip sandwiches (Jeff's mom went out and got the stuff for them Saturday) [Sunday]

Sides for the week are corn, cherry tomatoes, pluots, grapes, cucumbers.

Also, we're scheduled to eat out on Thursday for a Tweetup at our local favorite Mexican joint, and the board meeting, which provides dinner, is here Wednesday night. [eta]: and we've been invited over to a friend's for dinner Friday night.

I start packing lunches again this week, though this week is only Tuesday and Thursday, so I might just do leftovers those days.
Tags: cooking:menu_planning

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