November 12th, 2000

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life lately:

- finally broke down and played with LJ styles at work friday
- decided to put off looking at the car until someone who might actually know something about it can help
- finished The Last Precint, the latest Patricia Cornwell book
- slept. a lot.
- cleaned. a lot. i still need to vacuum.
- watched MI2 with the roommates last night
- wandered san fran and berkeley with the roommates and Dan's mom a bit yesterday
- Dan's mom makes wonderful meatloaf, in fact, the only meatloaf i'll eat.
- did all the laundry in the world (actually, still finishing all the laundry in the world)
- cleaned out the closet in my room
- played a lot of Age of Empires II

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now i'm down to the watching the clock game. yes, i'm impatient. =)

it's getting cold here... though it's a heck of a lot warmer than it is in Utah right now, i'll bet.

we watched American Beauty tonight. it's the second time i've seen it, the first being about six months ago. i'm still sorting out what i think of it.