November 6th, 2000

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Dot (my car) decided to firmly remind me who's in charge this morning by overheating on 880. i promised her her much overdue oil change and let her cool off, then dumped water and oil in, and managed to make it to work. good car.

under the category of good stuff to know, the nice highway patrol person that stopped to check on me (he'd already pulled over, to write someone up for carpool lane violation. man, it was nice to actually see people being pulled for that this morning) informed me that the highway patrol runs a free tow truck service, up and down 880 at least, to get you off the highway. i told him i'd be fine this morning (he ended up sending up a truck anyhow, to be sure) but it's good to know that i won't get stuck broken down driving to or from work...
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