August 24th, 2000

(no subject)

if the IT folks here at work don't come fix my computer soon, i'm going to have a fit. luckily, my friend who works in the cube next to me is gone for the week and i'm using hers... i can accept the fact that it's not my network and they wouldn't like me just popping open the box like i would at home or i would've at state (my current theory in flaky ethernet card), but dangit, it's been a day and a half, and i can't do my job without a network.

yesterday, i went over and asked for help, and was told "oh, we're just having problems, turn it off and wait for awhile, it'll work again." well, two problems with this: 1) i did that all afternoon, and it didn't help and 2) it the dhcp server were "having problems" wouldn't everyone be having network trouble? i don't know, i don't know dhcp, but it stands to reason... i worked in IT for a long time, and hated jokes about useless IT departments, but now i'm starting to understand
where they come from.

grump grump grump. geesh. i'm playing on taking 8 days of vacation at christmas, i think, which leaves me with two to burn before the end of the year. time to start thinking about what i want to do with them, take a break.

other than that, life's fine. work's quiet today. i should be taking advantage of the quiet to play catchup on some paperwork type stuff. which i think i'll go do.