August 9th, 2000

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for all those telemarketers out there: for the last fscking time, i am not mrs. powell, my roommate is not married, and it really pisses me off when you continue to call me mrs. powell after i've told you he's not married.


time to go get a shower...
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i always manage to leave the sweatshirt of the day down in my car after lunch. i think i need to bring one in to just leave here.

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woop, thirty five more minutes. =)

then i'm going to go home, exercise, and watch "the crow". i know, terribly exciting. =) but better than nothing.

i called the roommate and talked to him for awhile. the guy in the next cube has restarted the limp biskut concert, after playing the theme from Annie. =) i'm cheering up, even though i'm still tired as hell.