July 25th, 2000

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the worst part of slimfast is feeling like you haven't eaten, even though you're not hungry. i feel like i could gnaw on my badge right now.

if i can get through the first week, i'll be fine.
i think.

and of course, healthy snacks are ok in moderation, but i'm not craving anything healthy. go figure.

i should probably go down to the store and get some oranges or something. going to wait a bit more so i can be sure that lunchtime traffic is dead, though.

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so i didn't kill anyone and i got a bunch of work done today and i didn't eat my badge and i picked up the roommate's cleaning for him and went to the store for milk and fruit and other things, and got home in one piece, and now it's time for exercising and then fixing some dinner and getting some sleep.

i'm really hungry and really tired. maybe starting this whole diet type thing and trying to cut down on caffiene at the same time was a bad idea. oh well, too late =)

course, staying up til two last night is probably contributing as well. go fig. =)

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i'd forgotten what a freaking dumbass the character Holden is in Chasing Amy. great movie, stupid guy.

he says all he wants for them to be is a normal couple. what the fucking hell is a normal couple?

heh. more to say. but i'm still thinking about it.