July 14th, 2000

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ants. i hate ants. that was actually one good thing about Utah - a real winter meant much less of a bug population in the summer.

meantime, i'm going to break the kneecaps of the person who left a soda can out on the counter without rinsing it out.

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and the roommate's gone to Sacremento for the evening, which means that i can walk around the house in just a charlotte hornets t-shirt, listen to music he hates, and paint myself up with "Avacado and Oatmeal Purifying Face Masque" without having someone around to giggle. =) this is nice.

i really need to think hard about whether to get my own place, instead of going the roommate route, when i move out later on this summer.

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and i got to the doctor today, and to the pharmacy, and got my drugs picked up, and it appears that my insurance is in fact functional, even though i don't have cards yet. it's been a productive day. =)

running laundry now, and straightening up my room. i might watch a movie, but i'm thinking i'm going to end up going to sleep early instead... was awful late last night. =)

though that wasn't a bad thing...