July 13th, 2000

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had "in and out burger" for lunch. very good. i take back what i said awhile back about hamburgers not being good. they just have to be done right... =) (in my case, lots of stuff, not much meat.)

sleepy now from lunch. should start just bringing in fruit or something.

my helix download is 63% done. whee.

men are from another planet.

the drive in this morning took an hour and fifteen minutes. ugh.

payday tommorow. =) picnic saturday. the next couple days should be good.

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woohoo. i have gnome the way i want it, now.

now if i could just figure out why netscape crashes about half of the time when i try to get into my mail...

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and i've been missing my dad's parents all day. i wonder what they'd say about me living out here. i wonder what they'd say about a lot of things. i hate that i can't know.

heh. time to go home, soon.