June 26th, 2000

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so there's this pile of shorts that didn't fit me when we moved to Salt Lake, which, i being a girl, couldn't make myself throw away (women are eternally optimistic about clothing that is too small.) i hadn't bothered trying them on this spring; instead, they just sat at the top of the closet, and the friend that packed up the last of my stuff for me threw them into a box.

so i'm going through the boxes tonight, looking for something else, and come across a pair of the shorts. sure, why not? try them on.

they fit. every pair =)

life's good sometimes... most of the time, actually. =)

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... and i realized i actually can't say a whole lot about work, since i signed a long nasty NDA today. however, i'm working with some incredibly cool people, and it looks like i'm going to be learning a lot. =)