May 15th, 2000

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pretty bad old pic of me, but it'll do. my hair's not that long anymore. think i'm going to grow it out and perm it again... i'm also squinting in it, as i was both without glasses and didn't have contacts yet...

sleepy time.

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whee. i'm actually getting things done today, at least more than usual. be proud of me. =) maybe i'm snapping out of whatever this has been...

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anyone know which Everclear cd has that song about "i will buy you a new life" on it? it's pretty damned applicable right now...

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well, car is broken down, again. doing the same thing it did last time. so i called the shop that fixed it -last week- and told them that, and they're sending a tow truck out and they're going to look at it.

and they're paying the tow bill, even if they don't realize it yet. =)

the lady at the auto shop was pretty stupid:

me: "hi, i brought in a car for service last week, and it died on me in the middle of the road, and it's doing the same thing again."

her: "well, would you like to bring it by and we'll take a look?"

me: "well, considering it's not moving that would be hard, now wouldn't it?"

i usually try not to be short with service industry folks, being in a service industry myself, but man, how stupid do you get?

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dragging the roommate to dinner soon. it's one of those nights i feel like looking decent, and don't want to wear anything i own. *shrugs*