May 13th, 2000

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man, i did not mean to sleep this late. but
that's what days off are for, right? ;)

agenda for the day: change the oil in my car, clean room, pay some bills, figure out how to work this camera.

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from the this-state-is-weird department:

the local alternative station hasn't been bleeping out b---- or a-- from their songs, but they do bleep out s---.

warped. =)

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tried to make yeast rolls. they turned out pretty good, but not like the yeasty, flaky, buttery kind i was trying to achieve that you can get in huge amounts at any buffet in North Carolina.

sometimes, i get really homesick.

hiding at home tonight. the roommates tried to drag me out, but i'm not in a people mood. going to try to mop up the best friend in a net game of Age of Empires II.

got the oil to my car changed, kinda. don't ask. =) haven't messed with the camera yet. kinda scared. afraid that i'll never be good at it, so i can't get myself started...