May 12th, 2000

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in theory, one goes to the pool to exercise, right? so why do people insist on crusiing the parking lot looking for a spot ten feet closer to the door? =)

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so me and my manager got mixed up on who was working this morning, so i got called at 10:30. woo. then a friend of mine that i owe a major favor to called it in, so i'm going out to murray in a couple hours to close that store. whee. i have tommorow off though, which means i'm going to go out and become one with the new camera... the other assistant manager at work really pissed me off tonight. doesn't matter why. i left grumpy and starving... the starving part is being fixed, and i'm hoping the grumpy will go away by the time i get to murray.

odd - i'd forgotten it was friday til i looked at heather's journal. the days are blurring together. i know when i work and when i have a day off, but what day it actually is is becoming less and less important.

this bugs me a bit...