May 11th, 2000

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at least i'm making overtime, and lots of it. that's all i have to say.

i'm going to go back to relaxing and wine drinking now...

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cold snap here. it's supposed to warm up this weekend, tho.

spaghetti for dinner. most of the day off. got my camera for class this summer. wine with dinner, too. not a bad day, all in all. got my car back. turned out to be the power connectors to the fuel pump, cheap to fix. =)

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like i said, i had today mostly off. i announced to my manager, who announced to the district manager, that i want a store after all. (i want real money. =) ) so i had to go in to learn how to do the schedule in the computer, which is one of many managerial type tasks i'll be learning as fast as possible in the coming weeks.

woo. =)

i'm trying to remember now what i scheduled myself for.

since i want a store, i have to start getting my butt in gear and actually caring about work again. like last night, we got out at 3 am. i didn't stock boxes, i didn't clean the walkin. i should have done both, no matter how late it was. oy. so i've got to start putting in 150%, instead of the 90 to 110 i've been putting in.

i'm not sure that this is a good idea. i keep reminding myself that this is a means to an end.

i keep looking at the new camera on my desk, wishing it were daylight so i could go shoot some pics. =) i'm going to be assimulating some more of the info in the photography book Lisa lent me tonight, in hopes that said pictures might turn out. i knew i should have gotten some 12 exposure film in Inkley's tonight, instead of 24, which is all i have. be nice to shoot a short roll and see how it turns out. oh well, too late. =) i want to shoot some color slide film, too, but that stuff's expensive. i'll figure out the camera on the cheaper stuff first. =)

i think i'm turning into a photo geek. i can feel the same obsessive impulses kicking in that i felt at first about computers.

*yawn* i'm still tired, even though i took an hour nap tonight.