May 8th, 2000

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weird. non-128-bit-encrypted netrape knows what
the time is.

i'm sitting here watching fares to NC this summer go up - gotta love travelocity's email updates. wondering about paying to fix my car, wondering about tuition, about getting a decent camera so i can take a photography class this summer like i want to. thinking about breaking down and getting a damn computer industry job again, even though i know it'll make me crazy, because i know it'll pay better.

or maybe i'm just drunk and rambling and should get some sleep.

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called the friend i brought the car from, we're going to see if he can figure what's up with it.

in other news, i walked to work, picked up my keys, brought some milk so i can keep up the slim fast thing this week, brought a can of margarita mix. drinking one now.

it was good to see the best friend this weekend. i'm missing him already...

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looks like it's the fuel line, the fuel pump, or the fuel filter. i get to call and get estimates tommorow... whee.

of course, i'm going to check around at work and see if there's anyone who's capable (and willing) to fix it.

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work-sleep-eat-work-sleep-eat. rinse, repeat.

work today was easy, though. i want to go for a jog in the rain, since i couldn't haul my lazy, hungover ass out of bed this morning for one, but i need to go deal with my car first. rah.

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thinking about fast-tracking and trying to get my own store by the end of the summer. more money, for the same amount of work (basically) that i'm doing as an assistant manager. go to school part time, save up some cash, go back full time after a year.

which was the plan to start with.

i need to think some more about this...